In the late 1990’s, primary teachers, Michael Hallissy and John Hurley recognised that teachers in Ireland required professional support to integrate ICT into their practice, but this professional support was limited.

In 1996, their creation of EdNet –  the first educational portal for Irish teachers that provided a repository for education content – was the beginning of Hallissy and Hurley’s work to grow a knowledge-base and a vista of professional development programmes to help teachers enhance their practice using ICT.

With the central mission of helping educators to design and implement the best possible education experiences for their learners, H2 Learning was established in September 2002 – so-called because both founder’s surnames begin with ‘H’.

Today, H2 Learning offers a selection of high-quality professional services to a range of clients working across all levels of education.  These services include:

  • working with Irish and European partners on projects aiming to integrate ICT and innovative pedagogies into education policy.
  • offering accredited ICT-based CPD to primary and post-primary teachers.
  • providing resources for teaching, learning and assessment that are appropriate for the 21st century.
  • offering expert and evidence-based consultancy services to policy-makers and a broad spectrum of organisations, including higher education and ministries in Ireland and across Europe.
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Our Aims

Through research and professional development, we want to help enhance education on a national and global scale so that 21st century skills and learning are promoted and the boundaries of education as we know it,  are broken.

We are focused on ensuring that educators are fully equipped with the knowledge, confidence and competences that are needed to prepare students for modern economy and society.

We do this by engaging in pedagogical-based research and providing policy-makers, teachers and principals and learners with pioneering ICT innovation and training.

Our Partners

H2 Learning works in partnership with an array of education stakeholders in Ireland and across the world. We collaborate with businesses, organisations, agencies, and individuals involved in education, and we engage in a host of ICT-in-education-based projects. Our Stakeholders include:

– School principals
– Teachers in Primary & Post Primary education
– Adult learning organisations
– Special needs education services
– Ministries’ of education
– Government departments/officials
– Government agencies
– Education training boards (ETB)
– Third level institutions