We continue to work with and support teachers, at all levels. Our offered CPD ranges from one-off courses to Level 9 Masters programmes.

Over the last number of years, we have partnered with a variety of academic organisations to design, deliver and implement tailored and accredited CPD programmes. These organisations include:

Through teacher CPD projects such as the TeachNet and Microsoft’s 21CLD,  we provide online professional development solutions for teachers. For more information on our CPD-based projects, you can visit our Projects page.

TeachNet screenshot


For a number of years, through TeachNet, H2 Learning has designed and delivered CPD Summer courses to primary teachers and each year has delivered a successful outcome for the CPD participants.

To maintain the CPD on Teachnet, we employ a team of subject content experts to monitor and provide feedback to classroom teachers on their published online projects. This virtual team of highly motivated teachers work at primary, post-primary and third levels.

We enhance our face-to-face workshops with our online learning, synchronous tutorials, video (online or DVD) and collaborative tools to support teachers in their classrooms. Such a blended approach places the focus more on the pedagogical issues of using digital media and the internet in classroom teaching and learning.

For more information on TeachNet- hosted CPD visit TeachNet in our portfolio or visit the website teachnet.ie/courses.

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Microsoft 21CLD

In collaboration with Microsoft and St. Patrick’s College, DCU, we have created a free CPD Massive Open Online Course for teachers, called 21st Century Learning  Design (21CLD)  that can be accessed on the Microsoft Educator Community.

We aim to develop a vista of additional online tutorials to accompany 21CLD, to assist educators in their teachings of 21st century skills to their students.

For more information on 21CLD visit the 21CLD page in our portfolio or visit education.microsoft.com and sign in.