Digital Pathways Project Making Progress

digital pathways

H2 Learning, the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA), the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), Krzyzowa Foundation (Poland) and MFG Baden-Württemberg (Germany), have partnered-up to develop a project called the Digital Skills Pathways for Youth across Europe.

The project aims to provide teenagers across Europe with opportunities to develop a range of digital literacy skills; to provide them with a virtual space to showcase their work and to network with peers; to expose them to the wide range of possible careers in this evolving sector and to identify pathways they can follow into further education and future employment in the field of digital media.

What’s happening now?

At the moment Digital Mentors are working on the development of the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) materials for youth tutors.

Partners are preparing for the third project meeting that will take place in Poland in October 2016.

Here is a promo video about the project.

See more information about the project here.