Symposium – Teacher Professional Learning: Finding The Right Blend

blended learningAs practiced professionals in the world of e-learning, we are often involved in domestic and European projects where we are asked to build professional learning courses for educators, or develop learning strategies. Our experience of this building process has alerted us to the fact that there is much more to be discussed and understood around the use of blended learning in continuous professional development (CPD).

On August 23rd, 2016, H2 Learning is pleased to host a half-day symposium, Teacher Professional Learning: Finding The Right Blend, which aims to investigate how both online and face-to-face learning can be used in teacher professional development.

This symposium recognises the findings of a European research project called ENTELS; an Erasmus + funded project, aiming to bring Information Communications Technology (ICT) into schools and into teachers’ practice through an online blended CPD model.

The symposium will explore the following questions that have emerged from the ENTELS project:

  • What are the components of quality online CPD for an educator?
  • How can we enhance participation in online or blended teacher professional development courses?
  • How can educators remain connected and continue sharing their learning beyond the fixed course timelines?

Dr. Terry Maguire, Director of the National Forum on Teaching and Learning, will join us on the day to share her views on the future of teacher professional learning and in particular the opportunities afforded by digital technology.  Participants will also hear from Irish teachers on their experiences of online learning.

Coffee and light lunch are provided on the day.

To register to attend our symposium, please click here.