For over two decades, we’ve worked with Light bulbeducation organisations in planning and successfully implementing ways to transform how teachers teach and how learners learn and are assessed, using digital technology and progressive pedagogies.

With a research focus on 21st century education, and teacher professionalism online, we use an evidence-based approach in providing thought leadership to the education and training sector.

Our Key Interests

  • 21st century skills
  • ICT as a catalyst for whole-school change
  • ePortfolios
  • Online synchronous learning
  • New teacher professional learning models

Armed with deep sectoral knowledge, we continue to research and deliver a suite of relevant publications, presentations, policy documents, and reports to the education sector on the effective use of ICT in education. 

presentationsConference Presentations/ Seminars/ Webinars

H2 Learning (2016) Teacher Professional Learning: Finding the Right Blend. Symposium.

Hallissy, M. (2015) Higher Education in Transformation Conference. Capturing and Sharing Professional Practice on Mediating Live Online Tutorial Sessions. A Case Study from Hibernia College.

Hurley, J (2015) & Hallissy, M. (2015) Universal design in Education Conference.

Hallissy, M. (2015) Live Online Learning: Capturing and Sharing Professional Practice. National Institute for Digital Learning Visiting Scholar Series.

Hallissy, M. (2013) Online tutoring towards a signature pedagogy. Higher Education Colleges Association Conference (HECA)

Hurley, J (2014). ‘Education: Empowerment through literacy. The ACJRD and their Education Working Group Seminar.

Hallissy, M. (2011). Teaching in an online environment: strategies for engagement. Dublin eLearning Summer School: Challenging the 21st Century Learner, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Hallissy, M. (2011) What teacher knowledge is required to mediate synchronous online learning spaces?  Irish Learning Technology Association.

Hallissy, M. (2011). Designing CPD interventions to increase student & tutor interactions in synchronous tutorials, an EdD Thesis Proposal. Learning and Sustainability: The New Ecosystem of Innovation and Knowledge, University College Dublin, EDEN.

Hallissy, M. (2010). Developing Self-directed Teachers. National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) Conference Presentation. College of Surgeons, Dublin.

Education Policy Development

We have significant experience in the area of ICT policy development and implementation.  As far back as 1997, H2 Learning’s Michael Hallissy was seconded by the Department of Education and Skills assist in the research and development of a national ICT policy and was centrally involved in the writing of Schools IT2000: A Policy Framework for the New Millenium.

Since then he has worked with the World Bank in Turkey on assisting the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MONE) to develop their ICT strategy.

H2 Learning were key consultants for the Department of Education and Skills for the development of the The Digital Strategy for Schools (published October, 2015).

We are key consultants on the development of a digital strategy for SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority.

Blog iconTeachNet Blog

Commissioned by Microsoft, and managed by H2 Learning, the TeachNet Ireland Blog  provides a supportive network, funding and teacher professional development opportunities for educators. Established in 2001 and hosted by St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra, the TeachNet portal now boasts over 300 teacher-generated projects.

Deep Sectoral Knowledge

H2 Learning offers specialist knowledge and insight gained from our decades of work across the main education sectors in relation to education technology. We have cultivated expertise in all areas of education development; research and piloting, policy development, and teaching, learning and assessment, and also the nuances that apply to education in the 21st century.

Selected Publications

Gallagher, A., Hallissy, M. J Hurley, Ryan, S. (2014).   The Use of Tablet Devices in ACCS Schools. Association of Community and Comprehensive Schools.

Hallissy, M. (2013) Building teacher professionalism in teaching-learning interactions between online tutors and learners during synchronous tutorials. Hibernia College.

Casey, L, Hallissy, M (2013) Live Learning: Online Teaching, Digital Literacy and the Practice of Inquiry.

Butler, D, Hallissy. Hurley J, and Marshall K, (2013) Redesigning Education: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

Fastrack to Employment, City of Dublin VEC, Hallissy, M. and Hurley, J. (2010). ETQF Framework, A Framework to Support Teachers’ CPD in the Use of ICTs

Casey, L., Bruce, B. C., Martin, A., Reynolds, A., Shiel, G., Coffey, L., Brown, C. and Hallissy, M. (2009). Digital literacy: New approaches to participation and inquiry learning to foster literacy skills among primary school children. Dublin: Centre for Research and Innovation in Learning and Teaching, National College of Ireland

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